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Ask a Pro Q&A – Nail Down New Flooring: Go from slab to hardwood with these stylish flooring options

If outdated flooring has you puzzled as to the next remodeling step… our interior design pro, Jennifer Adams, is here to help. Consider these variables for a new look that your loved ones will enjoy walking all over.

Question: I live in a 1953 ranch home built on a slab. I want to install hardwood flooring throughout. However, the slab is covered with asbestos tile.  How would you install hardwood flooring?

It is possible to install wood flooring over a slab floor with asbestos tile on it. However, there are lots of variables to consider, including how level the slab is, the moisture content in the air, and the level of moisture in the slab itself. A high-quality engineered flooring product might be a better solution and give you a similar look to hardwood, especially if you can’t nail the new flooring down. To find out what products will be best for your situation, ask a professional installer or licensed contractor.