• Buying

    Timea Harisova has been with Snipe’s Properties since its inception over 9 years ago. She is one of the agency’s top Buyer Agents. Her intimate knowledge of every neighborhood in Richmond can help buyers find the perfect home in the type of area that suits your individual needs.

    Previously, Timea was the Director of Operations so she’s uniquely qualified to assist buyers through the complicated home buying process. She will handle every detail, from initial price negotiations, to signing the last of closing documents, and everything in between.

  • Selling

    Selling a home can be a stressful process. For most people, it is their largest financial transaction. Timea Harisova and the team at Snipe Properties appreciate this, and come to the process with a unique and methodical approach that identifies a person’s goals, timetable and any special circumstances surrounding the sale.

    Timea is part of a team at Snipe Properties that is ranked #1 in the Richmond area for closed transactions. From contract to closing, Timea will be their every step of the way, making sure the seller gets the highest price for their home, with the least amount of stress.

  • Investing

    It takes a certain expertise to successfully invest in commercial and residential real estate in the Richmond Virginia. You need to choose the properties carefully, know the economic and demographic foundation of the area’s neighborhoods.Most importantly, you need a knowledgeable agent who knows their way around, and who can spot a good deal for their clients.

    Timea Harisova has that market experience and can help landlords, REO servers, asset/property managers and other investors find that good deal, manage its operations and help sell it when the times comes.

  • Leasing

    If you are looking for help as a landlord or are leasing a property yourself, you need someone who has an intimate knowledge of Richmond’s diverse neighborhoods. Timea Harisova has been a successful real estate agent and property manager for over ten years, and knows Richmond like the back of her hand.

    Whether you’re in the historic Church Hill neighborhood or the African-American community of Jackson’s Ward, or maybe the Museum District or Scott’s Addition, Timea’s long experience gives her a unique understanding of those neighborhoods. Just as important, Timea has a stellar reputation in handling the sometimes complicated leasing process. So, if you need help with rent valuation, property management or finding listings, contact Timea Harisova.