The distance between finding your dream home and spending your first night in your dream home varies from family to family.

It is true that when you are buying a home, the unexpected can happen. But more often than not, it isn’t the sudden appearance of the unexpected that intimidates most homebuyers. It’s simply not being familiar with the process.

Buying ServiceAs your agent, my job and my privilege is to help you decode and navigate the home-buying process.
My Role as Buyer’s Agent

Over the course of nearly a decade, I have worked in four distinct sectors of the real estate industry – property management, buying and selling, real estate investing, and residential construction. So, I provide my clients with an informed, 360-degree view of every deal they’re considering.

In my experience, there are three key areas where most buyers need a little extra help. Let me take this opportunity to explain to you how I serve my clients in those three areas.

I Help You Decode the Real Estate Process.

The first thing every successful journey requires is an accurate map. If you are a first-time homebuyer, it is not always easy to understand the real estate process. Titles vs. deeds. Appraisals and inspections. Costs vs. price. Value vs. worth. Real estate is its own language.

Let’s simplify the process by first identifying the steps to buying a home and coming up with a tentative timeline for your purchase. Once I tell you what to expect, I will keep you updated with where we are in the process, what our goals are at every stage, and how we will accomplish those goals so we continue to make progress.

I Help You Understand the Fees and Associated Costs

How much will it cost you to buy your home?

There are costs associated with buying a home, over and above the purchase price. I will show you what the commission fees are, and how and when commission fees are paid. Let’s discuss appraisal fees, title insurance fees, the cost of recording your deed, and the other fees that go into buying your home so there are no surprises.


I Am Your Trusted Advisor

A quality lifestyle is about more than just your house. It’s also about making your community your home. That’s why I make sure my clients get a Comparable Market Analysis for prospective purchases. This way, you get the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Get neighbourhood stats, crime rates, school assessments, community walkability, and information on transportation accessibility.

You can rely on me to help you review and understand legal documents, and to assist you in contract negotiations with the seller. I maintain confidentiality with my clients. And I will always tell you if you need to consult an attorney.

Finally, I will help you navigate the financing process.

Call Me to Find and Buy Your Next House.

I specialize in providing a full menu of real estate services for buyers, seller, investors, and developers.

If you’re looking to buy a single family or multi-family property in the Richmond, VA area, it only takes one call to get started.