Over the years, I have found that real estate investors choose Richmond for a variety of reasons. Depending on your specific goals, I can direct you to neighbourhoods that will help find the type of property, tenant, and cash flow you need to get optimal returns on your investment.

Timea and her team has a longstanding tradition of being the investor’s right hand. Of course, it’s not unusual for novice investors to think they can save themselves a little money by working alone to find and close real estate deals. Typical rookie mistake.

Some of my most successful investor clients understand that having the support of an experienced team of real estate professionals is a non-negotiable part of their continue success.

My Role as Agent to Top-Performing Real Estate Investors

As a member of your Richmond, VA real estate investment team, I will help you streamline and systematize as much of the buy-sell process as possible. That means helping you develop your investment strategy so you can find, construct, and exit every real estate deal quickly, with the confidence that your property will start producing cash flow sooner, rather than later.

My experience in property management, buying and selling properties, and residential construction provide me with a unique understanding of the nuances of real estate investing. I understand how investors think, versus how homeowners think. I know, at the end of the day, your goal is not granite countertops and a full story in home and gardens. Your goal is to add a high-value asset to your portfolio that will increase your bottom line with minimal time investment.

Here is what I provide my investor clients.

I Help You Find Motivated Sellers

No deals go through in real estate without first finding a motivated seller. Motivated sellers are the cornerstone of Richmond’s real estate investment market.
I have access to real estate search engines, public records, sellers, and other Richmond real estate professionals. These will be my resources for getting you immediate access to owners who have compelling reasons to sell their homes at a discount.

I Help You Find Qualified Buyers

When you’re ready to sell your investment property, I will help you find qualified buyers who are willing to purchase your property for your price, whether you choose to sell to another investor or sell the property retail to a homebuyer.

Novice investors can benefit greatly by seeking my advice to learn which updates can be made on their properties to significantly increase its value. I will walk you through some ideas on how to stage the home so it’s most appealing to your target buyer.

I will also monitor the purchase process as much as I can to ensure your buyer has financing lined up, and that your buyer successfully establishes escrow.

I Help You Locate the Best Deals

InvestingWhich homes in Richmond are on the market at reduced rates? Which ones will be the easiest to repair and update? What is the ARV for the property you’re considering? Is there enough money in the deal for you to buy, repair and flip over the next few weeks, or would a buy-and-hold make more financial sense? Here is where my years of experience in real estate development come in handy for Richmond real estate investors.

If you’re looking to buy and hold, I can tell you which neighbourhoods have strong rental demand. If you want to sell, I can help you find the neighbourhoods in which buyers are paying top dollar to own.

As a part of your team of real estate professionals, I can help you work out the numbers so you understand what your acquisition costs truly are for any property, beyond the asking price.

Richmond Real Estate Investors Have a Partner In Me

With years of experience in residential property management and construction, I have the knowledge you need to make investing in Richmond real estate seamless and worry-free.
If you’re looking to invest in Richmond real estate and need help buying, selling, or managing your property, call me.