MLS Zones

The CVR MLS has broken Richmond Metro down into about 20 +/- zones from 10 to 66 and beyond.While at some point I am sure there was a method to this, the market is in a constant state of flux and the traditional lines that once defined someone’s interpretation of market behavior changed and thus the zones should have changed with it.

They have not.

Understanding the zones is just one tool in the search. While it used to be an integral one and in some cases still is (municipal borders is still pretty key), the zones of CVRMLS don’t mean what they used to. A breakdown is below with commentary…

City of Richmond

  • Zone 10 — From Church Hill to Carytown
  • Zone 20 — From the Powwhite Pkwy to the U of R
  • Zone 30 — Northside
  • Zone 50 — Southeast Richmond
  • Zone 60 — Manchester to Bon Air




  • Zone 36 — Western Hanover, including Ashland
  • Zone 44 — Eastern Hanover