Anyone in the real estate business knows the most difficult task is how to correctly value a project or property. It’s particularly hard for those who are involved with rehabilitated properties. Wholesalers, rehabbers, rental property buyers, investors and brokers need to know the underlying value, and cost of their intended purchase. There is something on the market that can help determine that quickly and correctly. Rehab Valuator is an easy-to- use software tool that can instantly evaluate the cost and return of a property or deal.

With in-depth analytics, the Rehab Valuator investment calculator will determine what your profits will be even before you close the deal. It crunches all the numbers and factors in all of the important financial variables, including acquisition costs, rental projections, partner splits, and the cost of financing. It even provides exit strategy options. And it doesn’t require any special skills to use.

Rehab Valuator has a platform that creates for you professional MBA-level deal funding pitches even if you’re new to the business. You’ll be able to quickly send your slick looking pitch deck to banks, private and hard money lenders. Securing funding will be faster and easier.