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Top 5 Pet Travel Trends for 2020

As we all know, people think differently about their pets these days.  They’re not just pets, they’re cherished and adored members of the family.  This translates into pet parents wanting to spend more quality time with their pets and to include them in activities whenever they can. As a result, an increasing number of pet parents are packing up their furry sidekicks and hitting the road.

The desire to bond and share life experiences with pets has led pet parents to plan their trips differently. Further, businesses have responded by offering expanded services due to the rise in people traveling with their pets.  We’ve done some digging to find out exactly what’s trending when it comes to pet travel in 2020.

1. Pet-centric Trip Planning
Pet parents are seeking out trips that they can enjoy with their pets. When making travel plans, pets are a key factor in making decisions about where to go, where to stay, and what to do. No matter what type of experience travelers are looking for, they can find the perfect destination to suit themselves and their pets. For instance, pets and their people who like adventures in the great outdoors can find their perfect getaway in a trip to the mountains or lake, where they can stay at a cabin, vacation rental, or campground.  Exploring trails, waterfalls, bird watching (and chasing) and taking in some good “sniffs” may be the perfect pet-centric trip!

Pet parents with water dogs know that their pup enjoys nothing more than….well, water!   These folks are planning trips to beach destinations as well as lakeside getaways.  While there, they not only can enjoy playing in the surf and relaxing on the beach with their dog, but there’s plenty of other water activities that both pooch and person can enjoy.  Kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, and even pontoon boating are among some of the other water dog favorites.

Extroverted pets that enjoy nothing more than being social and going out and about are taking trips with their people to more urban destinations.  There, they can dine with their pet parents at pet friendly restaurants, as well as do a little shopping and partake in some sightseeing and attractions.

For pets that really like to “chill”, take things slow, and just be with their people, pet parents are planning trips where they can do just that.  They can select from secluded cabins and vacation rentals where pets can snuggle up in front of the fire, to resorts and hotels that roll out the red carpet to both pets and their people by offering spa packages, concierge services, and room services for BOTH people and their pets.

2. Concierge Services and Amenities for Pets
Many pet friendly accommodations are expanding their offerings to include those that cater to four-legged travelers.  They understand that providing extra services and amenities for pet guests helps to win the business (and loyalty) of pet parents.

A growing number of hotels are offering concierge services for pets. Services vary greatly — from booking pet grooming appointments and arranging dog walking to providing lists of nearby pet friendly activities.

Providing additional pet amenities is also on the rise at pet friendly lodging.  Dog potty areas, welcome baskets, pet room service, pet massages and spa packages, custom pet beds, and dog play areas are just a sampling of some of the amenities now being offered.

3. More Pet Friendly Things to Do
An increasing number of businesses are opening their hearts and doors to four-legged customers.   From pooch welcoming breweries and restaurants to pet friendly tours and excursions, there are many more options for pet travelers!  Pets are able to join their people in a whole host of activities such as ghost tours, whale watching, antiquing, gem mining, winery tours, 5Ks, and the list goes on!

4. Adventure Pet Travel
Millennials can take a big part of the credit for this increasing pet travel trend.  In 2018, there will be more pet parents planning adventure trips with their pets.  Adventure travel can range from trips that inspire and  invigorate to those that involve high activity and exploration.

Some of the more active pet friendly adventures include kayaking, rafting, hiking, and paddle boarding.  Vail, Colorado boasts pooch friendly Colorado River Runs where people and their pups can experience rafting together on the Colorado River.  Then there’s the Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina, which allows dogs to join their pet parents to explore this natural wonder. High adventure trips may include a visit to Olympic Valley, California where pet parents and their pooches can hike and swim at the Squaw Valley Aerial Tram.

There is also a wide assortment of adventure trips for the less active travelers.  Ghost Tours stack right up there as one of the more popular pet friendly adventure trips in this category.  Spokane, Washington’s Two Dog City Ghost Tours welcomes pups and their people to get spooked together.  Walking tours in some of the most historic and interesting cities in the country are another favorite!  DC by Foot tours lets visitors explore the Nation’s capital with their pups right alongside.

5. More Pets Buckling Up
Last but certainly not least, more pet parents are waking up and realizing how important it is to secure their precious four-legged family members in their vehicles. For far too long, pet passenger safety has been overlooked.  More parents are now properly securing their pets by way of pet seat belts, travel kennels, pet car seats and vehicle pet barriers.  Fewer “free range” pets that are allowed to roam in cars not only means fewer pets injured, but also less distracted drivers.

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